Who we are

We are a company focusing on building our own web projects and acquiring and improving already existing projects. We can handle the entire chain from operation to development. Our project portfolio is made up of several different projects and verticals and we are constantly expanding into new segments where we see growth potential.

Since recently we also consult in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Front End Development, WordPress, Tag Management and Google Analytics.

You are welcome to contact us if you need assitance with your web or if you have a limping web project that may be of interest to us or where you think we can help you.

Remember Your History


Do not try to invent what has already been invented. Instead, learn how to manage existing inventions. Allow yourself to fail and when you do, because you will. Learn from it and try again.​ And remember that a fool with a tool is still a fool.


Our vision is to create the conditions which will allow us to invest more time on our portfolio. We have come a good way down the road but have a bit left. Never give up on your dreams.


We are not collecting any data of our visitors on this website, eastandsthlm.se. We are not using any tools such as Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager, nor Facebook pixels on this webpage.